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Sanction of Building Plans in Village Abadis (Rural and Urban)

South/North Delhi Municipal Corporation

Town Planning Department

No. TP/S/SDMC/2014/5003

Dated: 21/07/14

Subject:- Sanction of Building Plans in Village Abadis (Rural and Urban)

Delhi Development Authority vide notification No. F.3(28)/2008/MP/Part dated 17th January 2011 has notified the “building regulations for Special Area, Unauthorized Regularized Colonies and village Abadis, 2010”

Accordingly, a circular was issued by the unified Corporation for implementation of the building regulations. The circular for village Abadi in para-5 has following provisions:-

As substantial proof of ownership, an affidavit by the applicant supported by certification of the correctness w.r.t. size, shape, area, ownership and single entity of the plot in question, along with its location within Lal Dora certified by the Revenue Authorities, shall be admissible for the sanction of building plans. In addition, the applicant shall submit an indemnity bond indemnifying MCD from any dispute w.r.t. ownership, shape, size, the extent of the plot on which the sanction o building plan is sought. In case of extended Lal Dora, the applicant shall submit proper record of ownership as para 3(ii) of the regulations.

The contents given in the above para being misinterpreted that along with the affidavit the applicant has to obtain the certification of the correctness with respect to size, shape, area, ownership and single entity of the plot from the Revenue Authorities. along with its location with the Lal Dora. However, the contention of the para is that owner shall obtain only a certificate from the Revenue Authorities that the site in question falls within the Lal Dora. For other issues regarding ownership, size, shape, area and single entity of the plot, an affidavit shall be submitted by the applicant.

In view of above, it is clarified that for getting a sanction of building plans in village Abadi, the owner shall obtain Lal Dora certificate stating that the property in question falls within the Lal Dora area. Regarding ownership, the correctness of size, shape, area and the single entity, the owner shall give an affidavit along with the application. It has been further, clarified vide circular dated 18.1.13 that “in case of Village Abadis (Lal Dora and Extended Lal Dora), the single entity of the plot shall be taken as existing on the date of application with an affidavit from the owner/applicant that no sub-division has been carried out after 8.2.2007. This shall also be applicable in Lal Dora and extended lal dora of village where development/ redevelopment plans does not indicate individual use premises/ plots”

Other provisions of the circular remain the same.