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RTI Amendment bill 2018 | Will it make the act weak?

RTI Amendment Bill

RTI Amendment bill 2018

Congress President Rahul Gandhi attacked BJP saying that the new amendment bill will leave the law useless and said ‘BJP believes those in power must not be questioned.’

According to RTI analysts, the amendment bill of 2018, which the government is proposing to introducing in parliament in monsoon session will dilute the Act

The proposed RTI Amendment bill gives power to the central government to fix tenures and salaries of state and center information commissioners. It seeks to do away with the parity given to information commissions with the Election Commission regarding salary, allowances, and conditions of service. Thus according to the amendment, the information commissioners who have 5-year tenure should have terms as may be prescribed by the central government.

Every Indian deserves to know the truth and the BJP wants to hide the truth. The BJP believes the truth must be hidden from the people and they must not question people in power. The changes proposed to the RTI will make it a useless Act

The government said it is considering a proposal to amend the Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005 to frame rules on salaries and services of Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) and Information Commissioners (ICs)

Currently, the salaries and tenures of Central and state information commissioners are statutorily protected as they are provided in the RTI Act.

The government suggested that it is not good to put information commission on par with election commission as election commission is a constitutional body responsible for free and fair election on the other hand information commission is a statutory body formed to look into complaints and requests for information under the RTI. “Therefore, the mandate of Election Commission of India and state information commission is different. hence their status and service condition should be rationalized accordingly.”

“What does this mean ? The central government wants complete control of the system. It is a move aimed at completely wrecking the autonomy and independence of the RTI Act. When the Act itself provides for the salaries and tenures of the information commission, why is there a need for the government to meddle with it,” asked RTI activist Vijay Kumbhar?

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