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Encroachment of Municipal land


Municipal Corporation of Delhi

(Central licensing and Enforcement )

No. 1450/CL&ER/99

The menace of encroachment on municipal land by various squatters, hawkers,shop-keepers, renewals etc. was reviewed at the headquarters level and it was felt that various drives undertaken by the zone authorities for the removal of such encroachment of the municipal land, do not yield any positive result, especially view of the fact that the rates of the composition fee removal & storage charges are so less that they do not have any deterrent effect. after considering all the facts on the subject, the competent authority approved enhancement of the rates of composition fee, removal and storage charges as under


Composition fee:-                                    Old Rates                                      New Rates

Hawkers & Squatters Rs. 20/- Rs. 300/-
Shopkeepers Rs. 40/- Rs. 600/-
Transport Companies

Timber Merchants

Heavy machinery dealers

Rs. 250/- Rs. 3750/-
Workshop for repair of Car Rs.100 /- Rs.1500 /-
Unlicensed Rehris Rs.75 /- Rs.1125 /-
Unlicensed Rehris dealing in juice Rs.100 /- Rs.1500 /-
Water Trollies Rs.500 /- Rs.7500/-

Removal charges

For load up to 40 Kgs Rs. 10/- Rs. 150/-
For load up to one QTL. Rs. 20/- Rs. 300/-
For load above one QTL. And up to 5 QTL Rs. 30/- Rs. 450/-
For load above 5 QTL Rs.50 /- Rs.750 /-

Storage charges

Up to 1 QTL or less for 24 Hours Nil Rs. 50/-
Charges per Qtl per day Rs. 3/- Rs. 100/-

The above rates come into force W.E.F 01.03.1999

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