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Doing CS with law


Many students are confused whether they can do Company Secretary (CS) with their law. It needs to be considered that CS is a demanding course. Students need to study it is an independent degree and Not as a side extra activity to clear it. There are very few people who can clear CS exams without taking coachings for it. But one good thing is that if students will study seriously and will devote equal time to both Law and CS they can do excellent in both the fields. Many subjects are same in both the courses so it helps while preparing for the exam

Advantages of Doing CS

one of the most asked questions is if doing CS will help the students? Will it create extra opportunities for them? Will it be worth spending time and energy on it?

YES, the answer to all the questions is yes. CS is a full-fledged career option. Doing law with CS opens the doors of the corporate world and the combination of two degrees gives you an edge over other potential candidates. After the amendment of companies act 2013, it is mandatory for a company to appoint a CS. Thus it increases your opportunities in the corporate firm.

Time management is the key

Will it be difficult to handle both the subjects at the same time? Of course! It will be difficult to manage two full-fledged career option at the same time. But does that mean you should not do it while continuing your LLB degree? Hell No! As already said it will open a lot of opportunities for you and in this competitive world it is good to have all the doors open to be successful.

Doing CS alone is difficult and doing it with law makes it a hectic and tedious task. But in a way, it is easy for LLB students to cover up CS syllabus.  Subjects like Tax law, Jurisprudence & general law, Company law, Labour Law, Banking Law, IPR, Insolvency law are even covered in LLB syllabus. So it will be easy for preparing for both the exams. Some integrated course will be more beneficial and easy than others if you want to do CS and join the corporate field. 

Get enrolled as soon as possible

What is the right time to get enrolled in CS? AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

It will help you to land good internships, and if you are very clear that you want to join the corporate field than join as soon as possible. Students can enroll for CS as soon as they clear their 12th standard. And if you clear all 3 stages (Foundation, Executive, Professional) during your college it will help you to get better placements at the end.

Procedure to register for CS

Visit the official website of ICSI for more information:


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